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Heal@Home Story

Our story begins with a mission – to help one person at a time get the help they need for alcohol use disorder. It’s a mission born from personal experience based on my family’s struggle with alcoholism, the lack of services available, and the stigma attached to it.

Growing up, I witnessed how alcohol use disorder can tear families apart. My loved ones struggled to get the help they needed, but the system was often ill-equipped to provide the support and resources required.
The stigma attached to addiction made it even harder to seek help, leaving many to suffer in silence.

But I refused to let this be the end of the story. I knew there had to be a better way to help those struggling with alcohol use disorder find the resources they need to live happy, healthy lives. This is why I created Heal@Home, a program that provides personalized, evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home.

So, I set out on a mission to do just that – one person at a time.

I’m always looking for new evidence or science-based approaches to improve the help we offer. By staying up-to-date with the latest research and developments, we’re better equipped to provide the most effective and evidence-based support to those struggling with alcohol use disorder.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, with setbacks, challenges, and moments of doubt. But every time I’ve felt discouraged, I think back to my family’s struggles and those facing similar challenges. That motivation keeps me going, even when the road seems long and difficult.

Today, I’m proud to say that our mission is making a difference. I’ve seen the incredible resilience and strength of the human spirit, even facing the most difficult challenges. I’ve helped countless individuals find the support they need to overcome alcohol use disorder and rebuild their lives. I work to break down the stigma around addiction and empower people to seek help without fear of judgment or shame.

Our story is far from over – countless people out there still need our help, and there is still much work to be done. But I’m committed to staying the course, never giving up on my mission, and helping as many people as possible. Because at the end of the day, we all deserve a chance to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives, no matter what challenges we face.


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Meet Our Compassionate Team

Sophie Solmini


Sophie Solmini, Founder of Heal@Home, is a renowned international alcohol and drug counselor, medication-assisted treatment specialist, and certified recovery coach. With a passion for helping those struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD),

Sophie founded Heal@Home in 2016 to respond to the limited treatment options available. Throughout her career, she has worked in both the private and public sectors, bringing her expertise and compassionate approach to treating AUD.

Sophie challenges the traditional approach to addiction treatment that focuses solely on complete abstinence, which she argues can do more harm than good. Instead, she advocates for a holistic approach that considers each individual’s unique needs and challenges, promoting the concept of “harm reduction,” which focuses on reducing the negative consequences of alcohol use rather than striving for complete abstinence.

This approach can include reducing use frequency, utilizing medication-assisted treatment, or seeking professional help for addiction.

Tragically, Sophie has personally experienced the devastating effects of AUD, having lost both her parents to alcohol, which only fuels her desire to make a positive impact in the addiction field.

She remains unwavering in her belief that AUD is a treatable condition. She dedicates herself to helping others find the support and resources they need to heal and recover.

Sophie recognizes the devastating impact that stigma and shame can have on those struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD). The fear of damaging one’s professional reputation is a significant concern for those who risk having their AUD exposed, leading many to struggle alone without the support they need. As such, Sophie strongly emphasizes privacy and confidentiality in her approach to treating AUD, ensuring that her clients can receive the help they need without fear of losing their careers or facing additional stigma.

In addition to her role as a counselor, Sophie has also been a source of support and guidance for those in early recovery as a recovery coach and sober coach. She focuses on building the skills necessary for long-term sobriety and recognizes that addiction is a complex issue encompassing psychological, social, and neurological factors. Her dedication to helping those struggling with AUD is evident in her unwavering passion and in-depth understanding of the condition.

Her advocacy for those seeking a brighter future has taken her worldwide. She has spoken in front of liver transplant committees, advocating for her clients and helping them receive the help they need to heal and recover.

  • Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC)
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment Specialist (MATS)
  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC)
  • Member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)
  • Member of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM)
  • Member of NAADAC, Association for Addiction Professionals
  • International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC)

Joanna Dickinson


Joanna is a Nurse Practitioner with 12 years of experience, completing a Masters of Science and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certification from McMaster University.

For the past 8 years, Joanna has practiced exclusively in mental health and addiction, working in Forensic Mental Health, Addiction Medicine and more recently in family practice in a Psychiatric capacity.

She works within a harm reduction model, helping clients meet their identified goals related to substance use,

She has been described as knowledgeable, compassionate and an advocate for clients.

Chirag Shah


Chirag is Nurse Practitioner with 15 years of experience and completed a Master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from D’youville University.

Chirag has experience in Mental health and substance use disorder. He particularly has experience with substance use disorder including alcohol, tobacco, and other street drugs as well. He is very passionate about his work and dedication.

Chirag can help our client in New Brunswick and Ontario


John is a Family Nurse Practitioner/Medical Provider licensed in British Columbia and Alberta.

He completed his Bachelors’s in Nursing with a specialty in Critical Care at BCIT/Thompson River University in BC. His Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner through Athabasca University in Alberta. He holds two Doctorate degrees. A Doctor of Medicine from USAT – Florida/Montserrat and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Aspen University in Colorado – both with distinction.

Through his own significant critical illness/life event in 2015, resulting in hospitalization for a period of time, John has gained deeper insights into what good likes in healthcare practice and treats others with respect, dignity, empathy and compassion.

He has over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of healthcare fields in primary care, telemedicine, pharma and medical with an emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention.

Monica Mina


Monica is a nurse practitioner who has been working in the medical industry for 9 years.

She completed her Masters in Nursing at the University of Toronto after completing her undergraduate nursing degree at Trent University.

As a nurse practitioner specializing in acute care of the adult population, she has experience working with mental health, trauma, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and public health. Monica has a passion for helping all those in her care reach their physical and mental health goals. 

Monica will serve our clients in BC!

Maris Stella Jacob


Maris is a Social Worker registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has over 3 years of experience in providing individual and group counselling to individuals with substance use concerns and related mental health challenges.

In her childhood, Maris witnessed a family member struggle with mental health and addiction challenges that committed her to support persons experiencing similar difficulties. 

She takes a collaborative approach to therapy and uses a person-centred approach while maintaining empathy and a non-judgmental stance.

She is trauma-informed and incorporates modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness in her work. She supports individuals in understanding more about their substance use, patterns, and triggers for use, and focuses on enhancing coping skills necessary to reduce or control their dependence. 

In individual sessions, she adopts a perspective that encourages her clients to change what they can and learn to manage what they cannot.

Verena Rizg –BScN, MN, NP-PHC


In a world where art and science are viewed as polar opposites, Verena Rizg lives her life forging a space where these two worlds collide as one. With nearly 14 years of combined nursing experience, Nurse Practitioner Rizg has been steadfastly dedicated to helping people build healthier and more wholesome relationships with themselves, their bodies and those around them. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 2010 and her Master of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degree in 2015.

NP Rizg has extensive expertise in acute care medicine, primary care, mental health and occupational medicine. She created and pioneered the Nurse Practitioner role in all federal prisons in Nova Scotia. She also possesses a multi-national care experience, having worked with the unique—and often under-served—needs of migrant and refugee populations. 

 NP Rizg provides inclusive, trauma-informed and racially sensitive care to people of all ages, races, genders and creed. She does not view her career as a job, but as a calling; she hopes the care she provides her patients is always reflective of this.

Abbey Flinn, BScN, MN NP
Nurse Practitioner
Abbey is a nurse practitioner in Nova Scotia who completed both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree as well as her Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner degree at Dalhousie University in her hometown of Halifax. 
Much of Abbey’s nursing experience has been centred around mental health and substance abuse. She also sits on the Board of Directors of a volunteer-run registered Canadian charity that’s main goal is to promote continued mental health sciences and research, as well as improving mental health literacy in Canada.
As a nurse practitioner, Abbey currently works in primary care treating a population of all ages. 
On a personal level, Abbey loves to spend time outdoors and live an active lifestyle through CrossFit, running, biking, golfing, and being on the water in the summer. 
Nancy Simard, BSc(N), MSc(A)-NP
Nurse Practitioner
Nancy is a nurse practitioner who has been practicing in primary care for 17 years. In 2021, she completed a Masters of Science in Nursing and a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certification from McGill University.
Nancy specializes in chronic disease management, including substance use. She supports patients to actively participate in their care at their own pace, and meet them where they are at in their health journey to improve their health outcomes. She is passionate about her role as a nurse practitioner and desires to improve health care access for patients.
She works mostly in-home care, where she’s had the privilege to introduce and develop the nurse practitioner role within the multidisciplinary team.
She also participated in the opening of
the first NP clinics in Quebec.
Nancy can help our clients in Québec in French or English.

Agläé Asselin

Nurse Practitioner

Agläé Asselin is a passionate and empathetic nurse with nearly ten years of experience in the healthcare field. Her diverse professional journey has seen her working in various domains, including pediatrics, care for adults of all ages, as well as with indigenous communities in remote regions.

Possessing an exceptional sensitivity, Agläé excels in building authentic connections with her patients, taking into account their medical, emotional, and social needs. Her commitment to vulnerable populations, particularly those facing mental health and substance use issues, demonstrates her dedication to providing tailored and respectful care.

Throughout her career, Agläé has shown a consistent commitment to excellence in care and continuous improvement of her professional skills. Her compassion, professionalism, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to any healthcare team.

Sarah Berneche


Sarah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, and nutrition therapist specializing in support for disordered eating and body image concerns. Operating from an intersectional, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive lens, she fuses various therapy models and approaches (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems/Parts Work, Somatic Experiencing) with non-diet nutrition counselling. She has experience working with folks across the eating disorder spectrum. She is especially knowledgeable about binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting cycles, food and body image-related trauma, and body image. 

Sarah has experience working at a private eating disorder center and private practice. She has completed several formal training in eating disorders, disordered eating, somatic nutrition, and body image, as well as over 50 hours of group and individual supervision. She is currently a Somatic Experiencing® Student and the author of Enjoy It all: Improve Your Health and Happiness with Intuitive Eating (Fremont Press, 2020.)


Neelu Kisiju FNP, NP-PHC


Neelu is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with over 8 years of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in various fields. With a solid foundation as an Emergency RN, Neelu pursued further education, earning a Master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from D’youville University. With a passion for providing comprehensive care, Neelu has spent several years as a Nurse Practitioner, working across diverse settings including Long-Term Care, Adult Addiction Medicine, and Primary Care.

Neelu’s expertise extends to mental health and substance use disorder, with a particular focus on alcohol and opioid use disorder. This experience, coupled with a commitment to patient well-being, underscores Neelu’s dedication to the field.

Neelu currently also provides primary care services virtually to patients in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. With a strong background and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Neelu is well-equipped to assist clients in their healthcare journey

Marie-Josée Vanasse


Marie-Josée Vanasse, BSW RSW is an accomplished licensed Social Worker professional with 23 years of social work experience that includes case management, crisis intervention, addiction counselling, CBT, psychoeducation, the narrative approach, clinical counselling, and mental health for people of 16 years and up and all different stages of life within private as well as public outpatient addiction facilities. Excellent clinical skills in areas that include addiction, substance use and anxiety, she can support clients with concrete strategies to help them through their journey and to achieve their goals.

Apart from her Degree in Social work, she has obtained a diploma in Addiction Counseling in 2004 and a diploma in Relaxation Therapy in 2018. She is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, College of Social Workers of Québec, as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

On a personal level, Marie-Josée enjoys warm tea, watching movies, reading and travelling.

Marie-Josée offers support in French and English.

Brianne Flaherty


Brianne is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor and a registered member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.

Brianne’s training started in 2013 and has transpired into a passion for helping those struggling with addiction. She works from a trauma-informed, holistic approach providing a supportive and safe space in recovery. Brianne has worked one-on-one with individuals looking to change their behaviour, as well as with family members and loved ones seeking support. Brianne uses an integrative approach to healing, customizing your treatment plan to meet you exactly where you are.

Although Brianne has spent the last decade training in various modalities, her capacity to connect and hold an empathetic space is a result of her own personal experiences of substance use and loss. Brianne has experienced the powerfully reinforcing effects of disconnection and external relief. It wasn’t until Brianne stepped into her own space of healing where she broke through beliefs, healed wounded parts and gave herself the space to be with, and experience, her emotions. It was through this release and holding where she aligned with her truth and passion to help others.

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