Blacking Out from Alcohol – What You Need to Know

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Have you ever had a night where your memory of it is just…gone? It may have been because of alcohol. A blackout, caused by drinking too much alcohol, is when a person can’t remember what happened during the time that they were drinking or the hours afterward. Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of blacking out can help keep you and your friends safe.

What Causes Blackouts?

Alcohol interferes with how our brains store memories. While drinking, our memory is impaired, meaning it’s more difficult to recall what happened while we were consuming alcohol. This is especially true if we are drinking quickly or drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period. The more intoxicated we get, the more likely it becomes that a blackout will occur.

The Difference between Blacking Out and Passing Out

It’s important to note that blacking out isn’t the same as passing out from too much alcohol. When someone passes out from excessive drinking, they are unconscious and unable to be woken up until the alcohol wears off. On the other hand, when someone blacks out, they may appear conscious and functioning normally, but their brain isn’t forming memories during this time, so they will not remember anything after the fact.

Blackout Prevention

You can take steps to help prevent blackouts while still having fun! If you want to drink alcohol, do so safely and responsibly by following these guidelines:

Eat before (and while) drinking – Drinking on an empty stomach increases your risk of becoming extremely intoxicated, which can lead to blackouts. Eating first ensures your body has something in its system before you start consuming alcoholic beverages.

Do not mix drinks – Mixing different types of drinks (e.g., beer than vodka) can cause confusion about how much one has consumed, increasing their likelihood of becoming over-intoxicated, leading to potential blackouts or worse outcomes like alcohol poisoning or coma-like states due to extreme intoxication levels.

Sip slowly – Taking sips instead of gulps gives your body enough time to process the drink’s effects while also letting you enjoy your beverage longer without having too many drinks at once, resulting in loss of consciousness or inability to form memories due to high levels of intoxication leading to blackouts.       

Blacking out from consuming too much alcohol is dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible while still having fun with friends or going out socially! By being mindful of how much one consumes and avoiding mixing drinks, individuals can enjoy themselves safely without risking a blackout episode due to being over-intoxicated! Furthermore, it’s important for all individuals who consume alcohol, including underage drinkers (who should not drink at all!) understand what a blackout is so that everyone can stay safe even if someone does become uncharacteristically intoxicated – understanding what’s happening makes it easier for others around them who may need take responsibility for their safety instead!


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