Innovative Recovery at the Workplace

Breaking Barriers in Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment with Our Advanced Virtual Program

Partnering with corporations, insurers, and employers, Heal@Home delivers flexible, effective alcohol use disorder treatment directly to your workforce. Discover how we tailor our approach to meet your organizational needs and help your employees thrive.

Understanding Alcohol Use in the Workplace

Over 50% of Canadians aged 15 and older drink above recommended levels, increasing their risk of AUD. Despite this, less than 2% receive appropriate treatment. Heal@Home is here to change that by offering accessible, evidence-based solutions directly to your employees

The new Canadian guideline highlights that despite the high prevalence of high-risk drinking and AUD, these conditions frequently go unrecognized and untreated in the healthcare system.

Why Choose Heal@Home

Heal@Home is revolutionizing workplace recovery programs by removing common barriers to AUD treatment.

Our virtual platform ensures that help is immediate, flexible, and discreet, allowing employees to engage in recovery without stepping away from their professional lives.

Flexible and Supportive Recovery Pathways

Our return-to-work programs are specifically designed to support employees both during and after treatment, ensuring a smooth transition back to work.

By focusing on personalized recovery plans that include flexible scheduling and continuous support, we help your employees stay productive and engaged.

Table comparison

Heal@Home uses telemedicine coupled with teletherapy to provide evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder from anywhere. Our methods are backed by peer reviewed studies and include the following:


Medications proven to reduce alcohol cravings over time

Harm Reduction

A goal of moderation or abstinence, depending on the individual’s needs

Medically Managed

Customized treatment plans overseen by our expert medical team

Psychosocial Support

Addiction Counselling, Recovery coaching,  and online peer support groups

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Comparing Treatment Options

While traditional rehab might require employees to take extended leave, Heal@Home’s telemedicine approach allows them to continue their professional duties with minimal disruption.

Our model supports sustainable recovery and significantly reduces the organizational costs associated with absenteeism and turnover.

Reality of Abstinence: 30-Day Rehab vs. H@H

30 Days Rehab Reality

  • Short-term Focus: Primarily aimed at immediate detoxification, often without addressing underlying behavioral changes.
  • High Relapse Rates: Statistics show 40-60% relapse within a year post-treatment due to lack of continuous support.
  • Absence from Work: Requires taking significant time off, impacting career and personal life.
  • Perceived Guarantee: Often mistakenly viewed as a guaranteed path to lasting abstinence.

Heal@Home Approach

  • Long-term Strategy: Focuses on sustainable recovery with gradual reduction in alcohol use.
  • Continuous Support: Ongoing counselling and support are available to prevent relapse and adapt treatment as needed.
  • Integration with Daily Life: Treatment occurs alongside daily responsibilities, preventing major disruptions to work and family life.
  • Realistic Outcomes: Transparent about the challenges and successes of recovery, emphasizing a personalized approach to achieving sustained abstinence.

Following a traditional 30-day rehab program, individuals face a significant challenge as the first 90 days post-rehab are marked by a high risk of relapse. This underscores the importance of continuous real-life support, which is a key aspect of Heal@Home’s success in enhancing long-term recovery outcomes​

Benefits to Your Business

Partnering with Heal@Home not only helps your employees manage AUD but also brings substantial benefits to your organization.

Each employee in recovery can save your business thousands of dollars annually by reducing healthcare costs, decreasing absenteeism, and boosting overall productivity.

Dopamine and Alcohol

What Do We Offer?

Effective, Lasting Results

  • On average, Heal@Home members reduce their drinking by 75% in the first 12 months
  • Heal@Home has already helped over 1,000 members improve their relationship with alcohol
  • We partnered with DMI and Medavie Blue Cross to name a few


Heal@Home Success Rate

Alcohol Treatment Online Program

Reimagine Employee Wellness with Heal@Home

Learn how Heal@Home’s innovative approach to treating AUD can help retain and rejuvenate your workforce, enhancing overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

Discover more about our solutions and how we can help your organization foster a healthier workplace

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