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Why Choose Recovery?

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We all know that choosing recovery and sticking with the process can be difficult. It involves a lot of painful work, including unlearning diet culture and internalized fatphobia, mourning the thin ideal, accepting that you cannot control your life through food and your body, learning and mastering new coping skills, and so much more. It’s hard. Anyone who tries to tell you any differently is certainly misleading you. But does that mean it’s not worth it? Is all the effort worth it in the end? Absolutely. Here are three reasons why:

1. You Get Your Social Life Back:

Eating disorders thrive in silence and shame. They disconnect you from everyone who could be there to help pull you out. Your eating disorder actually succeeds and progresses when you cut yourself off from supportive family and friends due to fear of being around certain foods or in situations where you will feel the simultaneous compulsion to eat and the stress of ensuring you don’t do so. But when you heal, you are then able to reconnect with those people you once enjoyed spending time with; you’re able to be an active participant in your own life again.

2. You Get to Enjoy Food Again:

Pleasure is strictly taboo if you struggle with your relationship with food. It makes you feel dirty and as though you “lack willpower.” Neither of these things is true. Pleasure is, in fact, an essential part of being human and an essential part of our relationship with food. When you are able to work through food fear and anxieties and actually embrace pleasure, a whole new world opens up to you.

3. You’ll Find Out Just How Much Brainspace You Actually Have:

Eating disorders take work! They require meal planning and counting and measuring. They inevitably lead to food and body preoccupation and obsession. They take over our entire lives; they become all we think about. But when we recover, there’s suddenly so much more space for us to be us… space to explore our passions and business ventures. We finally have the space we need to be our true, authentic selves.

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