What is Alcohol Management?

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The Heal@Home method is based on the scientifically developed model of selective extinction which has been proven to reduce cravings for alcohol.

Our program is inspired by The Sinclair Method.


  • Alcohol drinking is a learned behavior.
  • Learned behaviors can be unlearned — or “extinguished” — when the behavior is performed but no reinforcement or reward follows.
  • The “reward” or reinforcement to the brain from drinking alcohol is stimulation of the opioid receptors — and those receptors can be blocked with medications such as naltrexone.
  • So the learned behavior of alcohol drinking is unlearned over time if it only occurs while naltrexone is present.

What to expect when joining our exclusive program?

  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment
  • Initial Medical consultation
  • Medication prescription (Pharmacological Extinction)
  • Sessions with Counsellor (behavioral therapy)
  • Sessions with our physician to monitor 
  • Access to our exclusive online program (Daily tracking, journaling)
  • Workbook
  • Ongoing support

No detox or “clean-time” is required prior to starting the Alcohol Management Program. On the contrary, drinking is a part of the treatment during the initial phase. The Heal@Home Alcohol Management Program is available from any location of choice through confidential one-to-one live virtual sessions.

Who is it for?

Are you thinking about changing your behaviour regarding alcohol but do not want to achieve abstinence?

Have you tried to quit or cut down your drinking without success?

Do you want to be able to drink socially?

We have the solution. Heal@Home uses a combination of proven evidence-based components that work synergistically to achieve a 75-80% success rate. 

Key points about our Alcohol Management Program:

1. Medication – We use a non – narcotic, non-addictive medication in a targeted fashion to address the physiological part of the addiction and break the cycle of reinforcement. 

2. Scientifically proven results – 

3. No detox or clean-time required – Patients start the program at their current levels of consumption and experience a gradual reduction over the course of the program.

4. 100% Private – All patient sessions are 1 on 1 with a certified addiction therapist an physician.

5. Access – Patients can have all of their sessions virtually via secure video conferencing. This means treatment can be done alongside someone’s day to day life and is flexible.

What is the therapy needed for?

The medicine alone is not sufficient because a total change of a way of life is involved. The therapy provides a channel to observe what things and feelings are related to drinking from various points of view and to plan a new life free of dependence upon alcohol. The sessions are important for educating the client about how the extinction works and how to accentuate the benefits from it. It also is critical to assure clients in the early stages that the craving and drinking decrease slowly over many weeks and that they should not worry if they do not see immediate improvement.

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